A risk management tool for communicating claimant underwriting recommendations to underwriters during the underwriting process.


Claims / Underwriting Interface

At renewal all known claimants are tracked in real-time in medical underwriting with the current status of all claimants in-house including claim details, diagnosis, and claim notes. The medical underwriter or nurse can evaluate the claimant risk and recommend underwriting treatment.

Underwriters have a direct link to medical underwriting while they are underwriting the case. The underwriter can view the evaluation and recommendations for lasering or conditional lasering. The underwriter can accept the lasering recommendation or override the individual specific deductible based upon their judgment. All recommendations and overrides are tracked for later review.

Continuous Updates

Any new claim or notice will re-open the case and claimant for review while the case is in the underwriting process. Both the risk management nurse and the underwriter are notified of the new claim submission ensuring that the case is properly reviewed and underwritten based upon the most current information.

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